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This verse starts as my snipers hit their marks
And ya guards fall out from a rifle hits harder than a barber
All these bones on my shoulders are broken,
From car notes, from robit, and all
I'm a king beside the sun,
I wear on my clothes like i was born during the earthquake
So excuse me if I forget
All this anger pent up inside my head
Somebody help me if you can cuz it seems
Like everything is temporary, til my baby leave roman
I've been waiting for so long,
Now I'm at an elevated level,
That's why I've got to up this level,
Got to up against every other night, always wanna get it right
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
I've been put in the time to listen,
I put this day job before, but i've never left
I have Watchmen come for records,
Cause I'm making re-up quick, they're gonna hold a pool
You'll never smell Hova on my hands

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