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e doin'... mud and we washing shit
And when it gets to poppin', man y'all betta' walkin' shit
You just a couple seconds to fuck it off
Ya'll tick that life away if you tryin' to hustle some
It'll cost me a motherfuckin' hundred plus
So now I gotta pull myself out this bitch
I'm about to lose my composure, I'm tryin' to reach the top
Think I'm rollin', but I'm clutchin'! - you can't stop me!
I walked up to a stage, and looked at me
Then my homegirls sayin'


[Verse 2]

This ain't some old hand me took on
I been through hell and back stups
How come you don't see?
You can't get caught slippin', of takin' every bit of me
I told my girls come and go with me and they was so wrong\

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