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In my recliner chair I lay,
A place of peace and ease,
Where I can rest the cares away,
And find my heart's release.

The softness of the cushions,
The warmth of the embrace,
It all becomes my haven,
As I sink into this space.

My mind can wander freely,
As I close my eyes to dream,
And in this gentle reverie,
My soul begins to gleam.

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My recliner chair, a throne,
Of comfort and of rest,
It's where I find my peace alone,
And where my heart feels blessed.

Here, I can let my worries go,
And find my thoughts unwind,
And in this chair, my soul does grow,
And my spirit feels divine.

With a book or music in my hand,
And a soft blanket too,
I let the world outside expand,
And find a space so new.

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