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Oh, how I love my soft chair,
With cushions plush and snug,
A place of peace and comfort rare,
A warm and cozy hug.

I sink into its gentle hold,
And let my cares unwind,
In blissful rest, my mind's consoled,
As if by magic bind.

This chair has seen my joys and tears,
My laughter and my pain,
And in its loving arms, I find,
A refuge once again.

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Soft chair, oh how you cradle me,
In your gentle, loving embrace,
Your warmth and comfort set me free,
From the worries of the race.

A haven from life's stress and strain,
Where I can truly be,
In solitude or company,
Your peace surrounds me.

Your softness melts my worries,
As I close my eyes and breathe,
And I find the solace in my soul,
That my heart does so need.

DALL·E 2023-02-17 16.59.52 - soft light seat.png

I find a brand-new start.

My soft chair is my solace sweet,
A balm for my weary soul,
Where I find my tired feet,
Can finally feel whole.

With pillows and cushions piled high,
And a throw draped over my knees,
I close my eyes and breathe a sigh,
And find my mind at ease.

The world may swirl and spin outside,
But in my soft chair's arms,
I find a refuge where I can hide,
And shield myself from harm.

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