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In my wheelchair, I travel far,
Across the world, beneath the stars.
My wheels are my feet, my strength and guide,
In this chair, I'll not be denied.

Some may see me and feel despair,
But I don't need pity, just a little care.
My wheelchair is my freedom, my way to roam,
And I won't let it keep me from my home.

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I sit in my wheelchair, looking out at the world,
Feeling sometimes like I'm lost in a swirl.
But then I remember, I'm just like anyone else,
With dreams and hopes, and fears that I've felt.

I may not be able to walk or run,
But I'm still me, and I've just begun.
My wheelchair is my partner, my trusted friend,
And I'll keep on rolling, until the very end.

DALL·E 2023-02-15 15.52.21 - wheelchair in future.png

My wheelchair may be small, but it's mighty,
And it takes me to places I never thought I'd see.
Through winding streets and up steep hills,
I keep rolling, driven by my will.

Some may pity me, but they don't know,
The joy I feel, as I watch life's show.
My wheelchair is my passport, my ticket to ride,
And I'll keep on going, with hope as my guide.

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