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Luminous (2022)

The delivery man shuttles through the city, bringing food and warmth to people, just like luminous in the city. This project hopes to bring a little improvement to their life and work, to bring them luminous. [Luminous] has improved the interaction experience of traditional motorcycle, make motorcycles more suitable for delivering food.


The food delivery industry is developing rapidly in China, rising from 21.6 billion RMB in 2011 to 664.6 billion RMB in 2020. The scale of users is very large. The user group of 460 million people proves that the food delivery industry has a huge potential. Currently, the transportation used by delivery man in China is just normal electric motorcycle with heat preservation box for food. And this kind of motorcycle has many problems, such as insufficient storage space. Many riders are desperate for a motorcycle that meets their work needs. Therefore, this is a huge market, and there is a lot of chance for improvement. The development of delivery motorcycle can greatly improve the working experience of delivery man and at the same time improve their work efficiency. Hence, this project sets the target group in China, hoping to make a huge impact on the delivery industry.

2020-2021 China's food delivery industry development analysis report (ALIBABA, 2021)


User demands

HOW MIGHT WE design a new motorcycle that has enough storage and can improve the delivery man's experience during food delivery?

Ergonomic consideration

Details have been showed in Design process.

Mechanism & Electronical consideration

Motorcycle system

Details have been showed in Design process.

>> I hope that as they bring luminous to the city

this electric car can also bring luminous to them

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