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This project tries to propose a new form of interaction to bring users a scientific cleansing experience.






Beauer is a skin care product that combines cleansing and testing. It solves the problems that the current products are easy to be over-cleaned and have residual makeup. It proposes a brand-new cleansing process, which can bring users a scientific cleansing experience.


Starting point



In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to skin health. Cosmetic residues can cause serious damage to the skin. Office workers have to go through complicated makeup removal steps after get off work, and it is easy to have incomplete cleaning

Products currently on the market cannot directly confirm whether the face is clean (there is no clear visual indicator), which leads to a series of skin problems due to improper cleaning, specifically manifested in inadequate cleaning and excessive cleaning

HOW MIGHT WE help young female worker to clean the cosmetic residues and let them have a scientific facial cleaning experience ?

Using process


Structure design


The product contains a camera, PCB, battery and vibration motor. The product shell is made of ABS and has a silicone sleeve on the outermost layer. The product takes into account waterproof and manufacturing draft conditions, and can be used for subsequent mold opening production.


App design


Users can intuitively see their makeup removal and skin quality through the APP on their mobile phones. At the same time, our detection algorithm and cleansing time control algorithm are also deployed in the APP. After the WIFI connection between the product and the mobile phone, the images detected by the product will be transmitted to the mobile phone for real-time analysis, and the cleaning time of the facial cleanser will be controlled according to the results.

In this section, I am responsible for leading the App design team and connecting with software engineers to ensure the smoothness of the interface.


Tech consideration


In this part, I worked with the people in the marketing department to determine user needs, and then worked with software development engineers and embedded engineers to discuss solution possibilities. For requirements that cannot be met by technology, I adjusted the usage process, and at the same time ensured that the user experience is not affected. At the same time, I need to evaluate the time cost and benefits of product function development, and through in-depth cooperation with them to ensure the landing of the product.

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