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This project rethinks the relationship between humans and chairs. The chair is seen as a symbiotic creature, a warning to people to reflect on the place of humans in nature.





Since ancient times,
the chair has been there
With humans for thousands of years to share
A species of its own, it has witnessed
The evolution of civilization, and its progression

Helping us locate ourselves in history's arc
A part of our journey, with a significant mark

From basic energy, like heat consumed
Sand becomes flesh, sugar becomes blood
A chair's body grows, like a life resumed

A fossil of a chair, telling human's story
A reminder of our place, returning to the earth.



Fossil chair (Shaoyu, 2023)

Fossil chair

The significance of a chair is not only to provide comfortable support, but also the history and culture behind it. From its inception, a chair was imbued with a special meaning as a symbol of power, but its significance has been constantly changing throughout human development.

A chair is like a living organism, quietly witnessing the rise and fall of civilization throughout human history. Shaoyu hope to treat this chair as a living being that has experienced thousands of years of life.

So he used the heat (precious energy for lives) to construct its skeleton, the earth's sand to form its muscles, and energy (sugar) to form its blood. It is a miniature of the chair, like a fossil, a natural monument. It is regenerated from nature, and will eventually return to nature. It reminds humanity that in the end, we will all return back to earth, reminding us not to forget our place in nature.




Exploration of Material Composition Ratios (Shaoyu, 2023)

Material exploration

This section mainly explores the strength and surface effects of different material composition ratios. The materials are composed of silica sand and isomalt.

Isomalt is a biodegradable material, while sand is a naturally sourced, additive-free, pure silica sand.


Hotwire extension experiment (Shaoyu, 2023)

A box is made from wood boards, and a chair frame is made from Nichrome wire inside the box. The mixed material is poured over the frame and completely covers it. The mixture is heated by 120v electricity. After cooling, the chair can be removed.

1:4 model


1:4 scale model (Shaoyu, 2023)

Structure exploration


Connection test (Shaoyu, 2023)

This section mainly explores the structural strength during manufacturing. If a cross structure needs to be made in a rod that has already been formed, there are several ways to do it: 1. Heat the second wire directly. 2. Heat both the first wire and the second wire at the same time.


The experimental results showed that the first method of manufacturing produced a structure with insufficient strength, and the two rods could not be tightly connected.


Final model


Process (Shaoyu, 2023)



Fossil stool

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